HydrogenDays 2019

Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The international conference Hydrogen Days 2019 represents a well-established event in the field of hydrogen technologies. And it gives me great pleasure to invite you to its 10th anniversary edition. In contrast to traditional conferences, it combines a technical symposium, providing details of the latest research results, with an overview of advances in the industrial sector and trends in national as well as European policy. This specific format of the meeting reflects the position of the Czech Republic as well as other Central and Eastern European countries with regard to hydrogen technologies which are still predominantly known to only a relatively narrow group of specialists. Both the general public and decision-makers often lack an important piece of information: the irreplaceable role of hydrogen technologies in the future energy transformation towards a low- and a post-fossil fuel era. This can be changed only by intensive dissemination activities and effective cooperation. The Hydrogen Days conference traditionally aims to fulfil this ambition and at the same time to become a hub for establishing collaboration among specialists in hydrogen technologies from different regions of Europe and beyond. This is expressed by the main motto of Hydrogen Days 2019:

Through collaboration to the deployment of H2 technologies

Let’s come together again and continue to discover the latest progress in research, industry and the public policy scene. Let’s find out issues that we have in common and areas for collaboration. Let’s promote further development and, above all, the implementation of hydrogen technologies in our daily lives.

Join us from March 27 to 29, 2019 once again in the National Technical Library in Prague.

Karel Bouzek

Chairman of the Scientific Committee


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