HYTEP – Czech Hydrogen Technology Platform
HYTEP – Czech Hydrogen Technology Platform


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Dear Colleagues,

We have witnessed a rapid growth of interest in the hydrogen technologies during last months. This phenomenon became even more apparent after 24th February, on the day when Europe changed. It became clear that our efforts toward deployment of new clean technologies and new solutions leading to more independence in the energy sector must be accelerated. Hydrogen represents an important part of the complex plan called REPowerEU. Main effort of this plan is to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels not only in energy but also in industry and transportation sectors. Hydrogen is a final goal that helps to shield Europe from dependence on politically unstable regions.

As a lead motto, we have therefore chosen ‘‘Hydrogen – The Road to Energy Independence’’.

This motto summarises our current effort in the field of hydrogen technologies. It entails rapid development of hydrogen technologies and their broad introduction into practice. It is because the current interest and geopolitical situation does not present only great opportunity, but also a strong commitment for the entire hydrogen community.

Based on the previous year experience, we have decided to go for one important change in the coming edition of the Hydrogen Days conference program. In parallel to its traditional scientific part, an introductory section will be organized for the participants keen to get more familiar with hydrogen technologies fundamentals and basic principles. Within this section, renowned experts will present contributions covering not only the introduction to the technology itself but also broader aspects, like regulatory and legislative framework.

Hydrogen Days 2023 will be held in Prague on 29–31 March 2023.

Let us come together to share information on the development in the hydrogen field which is necessary in order to become more independent and improve the quality of the living of all human beings on this planet.

Karel Bouzek
Chairman of the Scientific Committee



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